All saddle-binding videos


IBIS Smart-binder SB-3 running in-line with Canon Colorstream web printer & Tecnau web cutter
at 100 meters/min (328 ft/min) web speed (2015)
Smart-binder SB-3 running from SB-097 feeder at Hunkeler Innovation Days 2017
Hunkeler Innovation Days 2015
IBIS Smart-binder inline with a Hunkeler web cutter & Canon Océ web printer
IBIS Smart-binder 'PLUS HS' at MBO Open House 21st to 26th October 2013
Smart-binder SB-3, Off-line running from a sheet feeder at 7 sheets/sec
Smart-binder SB-3, In-line
Smart-binder SB-3 fed from MBO unwinder/cutter/folder
Smart-binder SB-3 at R & V Wiesbaden-Germany, fed from Kern unwinder/cutter
Smart-binder SB-3 'Plus HS' running at 150 meters/minute web speed: Feb 2016
Smart-binder, In-line, running at 140 meters/minute web speed
Smart-binder running In-line with Xerox printer and Lasermax web cutter
Smart-binder, Near-line, producing 16 page A5 booklets
Smart-binder, Near-line, running at 180 meters/minute web speed
Smart-binder, Near-line, SB-2 with 2 buckle folders and sheet rotator, at Maqprint France
Smart-binder "Dynamic Stitching" system
Smart-binder (Stretched) X
Smart-binder producing 8-page booklets in-line
Smart-binder linked to Spedo May 2013
Xerox 1300 Smart binder 20 page booklets
Smart-binder SB-3, In-line with Infoprint 5000 printer + Lasermax cutter at Graph Expo 2010
Smart-binder SB-3, Off-line, feeding light weight stock (49 gsm) at reduced feed rate
Smart-binder SB-3, In-line with Delphax printer running at 500 ft/min with 36 gsm paper
Smart-binder SB-2 with Xerox Sedona 1300 and Hunkeler cutter, Italy 2009
Smart-binder running in line with Buhrs BB700 at Innovations show
Smart-binder SB-1 connected to OCE VP6250 printer
Smart-binder and Oce Variospeed 9710 printer
Smart-binder SB-3 running slow with commentary
Smart-binder operating at production speed 15 min
Smart-binder SB-3 with OCE
Smart-binder feeding from pile feeder on the side (Option SB-096)
Smart-binder at Graph Expo 2008 with Oce 8750 printer
Smart-binder with direct-connected pile feeder
Hole drilling in line with Smart-binder
SB-097 Pile feeder system, to allow a smart-binder fed from a web-cutter to also be fed off-line from a sheet feeder
SBS-100 sheet buffer module for Smart-binder in-line operation
Smart-binder sb-2 off-line fed from the SB-097 sheet pile feeder, including BSS-11 stacker
Smart-binder sb-2 fed from a Tecnau unwinder & web cutter, producing church bulletins at LPi USA
RF-100 rotator/folder
Smart-binder A5 booklet production (nearline) using the RF-100 rotator/folder
Smart-binder: 52gsm newspaper stock running at 130 meters/min