Innovative Digital Finishing Solutions
March 2009

Smart-binders exhibited at International Trade Shows

Innovation days

Last month, February 2009, a Smart-binder SB-3 was shown at the Hunkeler Innovation days Show in Lucerne

This SB-3 was fed from a Hunkeler roll unwinder/web cutter and produced A4 ISG cold-glued booklets with a separately-fed colour cover.
This was the first time that an SB-3 has been shown linked in-line to a Buhrs BB700 mailing system to combine the glued booklets with other documents into an envelope.

A video of the system in operation during the Innovations show is available on our download page or on YouTube. or

We were pleased to meet many of our partners and customers at Innovation days, and to make valuable new trade contacts from around the world. The IBIS Smart-binder was the only saddle-binding system at the show which ensured we received lively interest. The exhibition has resulted in a number of sales opportunities for Smart-binder connected in-line to mailing systems.






On Demand

Our next exhibition is the On Demand show, March 30 to April 2 2009, Pennsylvania Convention Centre, Philadelphia, USA. Here our US sales partner, CP Bourg Inc. will exhibit the Smart-binder fed directly from a Lasermax unwind and cutter and producing recipe booklets containing 128 pages plus separately-printed cover.

I look forward to seeing you in Philadelphia.

yours sincerely

John Cracknell

Managing Director

IBIS Bindery Systems

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