IBIS Smart-binder ticks all the right boxes
for London printer 'DST Output'

This PrintWeek 'Me and My' feature, which also appeared online, focused on the benefits which the leading UK printer 'DST Output' has found from investing the IBIS Smart-binder SB-3. DST Output was described as a company with "long history and strong reputation for preserving the integrity of transactional printing".

"It's been performing excellently, especially when you consider we run around 50,000 books a week on it," reported Steve Ware, head of Digital Print at the East London-based print giant that has five sites and a £140million turnover, before concluding: "The SB-3 has ticked all the boxes for us ..."

The PrintWeek article refers to the range of applications that can be delivered by the IBIS Smart-binder SB-3, for which "nothing short of 100% accuracy" is essential. It also highlighted how the Smart-binder would be just as at home within a smaller print business as it is as part of DST Output's extensive operations.

DST Output's experience is another example of how our customers are provided with a total bespoke solution, not just a machine. Already we've had several follow-up calls from prospective customers wanting more details on what was accurately described in the article as a "..'very productive machine', performing excellently and reliably."

John Cracknell
Managing Director, IBIS Bindery Systems

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