July 2013

IBIS Smart-binder 'PLUS HS' breaks the speed barrier
We are pleased to announce the launch of a new higher-performance version of our Smart-binder product for production of variable page-count, digitally-printed booklets and books.

At Drupa last year the IBIS Smart-binder made a leap in productivity by increasing maximum output speed to 7,000 booklets/hour (or 14,000 booklets/hour in 2-up mode). Now IBIS has announced the launch of the new Smart-binder 'Plus HS' model which can also process sheets in 4-page increments at web speeds up to 200 metres/min (with extra dynamic buckle-folder), or 130 metres/min (without buckle folder). This represents a large input velocity increase over previous models.

The new 'Plus HS' model allows much higher throughput, while retaining '4-page increments' which eliminates the need for unnecessary extra 'blank' pages when running at high speeds. The need to "pad out" booklets with extra un-printed pages contributes to both paper waste, and increased postage costs.

Click the video link image to left to view a short video of the Smart-binder producing 120+ page saddle-stitched booklets from an unwinder-cutter at over 130 metres/min, with plow-folding only (no buckle-folding) and 4-page sheet increments.

The Smart-binder 'Plus HS' folds sheets individually and provides integrated sheet and booklet tracking systems for true variable-data production output. The number of pages in consecutive booklets can be continually varied on-the-run under bar code control. Smart-binder models SB-3, 4 and 5 include IBIS's unique and patented (ISG) cold-glue binding process , which replaces the need for conventional wire-stitching. Models SB-4 and SB-5 include also in-line perfect binding.

IBIS continues its tradition of system improvements and the evolution of the Smart-binder to meet customer demand

For further technical and application information go to www.ibis-bindery.com

John Cracknell
Managing Director
IBIS Bindery Systems

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