Aug 2013

IBIS strengthens sales and support in USA and China
with new OEM partnerships
We are delighted to announce that our new high speed Smart-binder ‘Plus HS’ will be exhibited on the MBO booth at ‘Print 13’ in Chicago (Sept 8- 12) operating at 160 - 180m metres/min (525 - 590 feet/min) in connection with an MBO roll unwinder, sheeter and dynamic buckle folder. New agreements with MBO mean they are now able to distribute IBIS products in both the USA and China. MBO will hold Smart-binder spare parts and are being trained by IBIS to provide customer support.

Bell and Howell
IBIS Smart-binder customers in the USA may now obtain product support from Bell and Howell. Bell and Howell can provide fast response on Smart-binder maintenance, technical support, product upgrades and new replacement parts. Bell and Howell maintains a 24x7 parts depot, repair capability, supplies and consumables.

Click HERE to view Bell and Howell’s new brochure describing further their Smart-binder support capabilities.

Our new partnerships with MBO, and Bell and Howell are another important step forwards in the commitment we have to our customers around the world. MBO, and Bell and Howell together have the reach and infrastructure to support the needs of all our USA customers.
The new first-class support services will ensure that Smart-binders provide high-volume output in the highly competitive, 24x7 operating environments in which many of them operate.

John Cracknell, Managing Director
IBIS Bindery Systems

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