September 2013

Visit Booth 531 at PRINT 13 for world premiere
of Smart-binder 'Plus HS'

Next week’s PRINT 13 show in Chicago (September 8-12) will provide another important IBIS milestone. This will be the first public showing of the new higher performance IBIS Smart-binder ‘Plus HS’ (High Speed model ).

We will be delighted to demonstrate to you the ‘Plus HS’ producing varying thickness booklets at 160 - 180metres/min (525-590 feet/min) web speed in conjunction with an MBO roll unwinder, sheeter and dynamic buckle folder.

This global premier, together with the introduction of our new US partners MBO and Bell & Howell, are important developments in our commitment to customers by providing first-class support services in the highly competitive, 24x7 operating environments that our equipment is often used.

The new Smart-binder ‘Plus HS’ incorporates enhancements to the base market-leading Smart-binder system resulting in production of up to 7,000 booklets an hour at web speeds up to 200 metres a minute, whilst retaining saddle-binding page variations in normal increments of four. The ‘Plus HS’ unique offering over previous models comprises a new higher speed sheet folding/collecting system and performance enhancements to the trimmer transport system.

The IBIS Smart-binder ‘Plus HS’ is the only system to fold sheets individually, vary page content on-the-run between min and max, and provide integrated sheet and booklet tracking systems for true variable-data production output.

John Cracknell, Managing Director
IBIS Bindery Systems

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