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October 2013

New version 'stretched' Smart-binder ('X' model) for tabloid size output, or two-up A5 portrait!
We are delighted to announce another world first with the launch of a new version IBIS Smart-binder which has been stretched in both length and width to increase the maximum output to tabloid format size.

IBIS Smart-binder 'X' model

Newspaper production

The new Smart-binder 'X' is the ideal solution for tabloid newspaper production (11 x 17"). Newspapers may be produced with variable page content and with the option of binding (stitching or cold gluing) or no binding. Also available is the option to edge trim if required for enhanced finished quality.Newspaper 'sections' may be collected together into finished newspapers on the SB-X delivery and an optional final knife-folder is available if needed.

Optimised 2-up production of A5 (or 5 ½ x 8 ½") booklets

The new Smart-binder 'X' can produce booklets with a spine length up to 18" (457mm). The optional trimmer knife then cuts this into two A5 booklets which are delivered side by side.

2-up A5 production output

This enables A5 (5½ x 8½") booklets to be produced at rates up to 12,000 booklets/hour which is required when making very thin booklets at very high web speeds (when running in-line with a web printer or roll unwinder).

The IBIS Smart-binder 'X' is the only in-line digital saddle-stitcher available worldwide to produce variable data tabloid size products (or A5 booklets 2-up at 12,000 bph).

Contact us at IBIS, UK for further details.

John Cracknell, Managing Director
IBIS Bindery Systems

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