IBIS TUSDC-100 datasheet

2-up Sheet Direction Change System

The TUSDC-100 modules may be installed inbetween a web cutter and the IBIS Smart-binder to enable A5 (or 5½ x 8½") booklets to be produced from a 450mm (or 17½ - 18") wide web using 4-page sheets. This is an alternative to the RF-100 solution which uses 8-page sheets.

The web is cut into sheets using both a cross cut and a longitudinal center-slit. Two sheets approx. size 225 x 320mm (or approx. 9 x 12") are delivered side-by-side from the web cutter. The sheets are then separated by the double alignment conveyor to introduce a gap of about 20-30 mm between sheets.

The velocity of each sheet is adjusted to ensure the front edges of the pair of sheets are aligned. A separate transfer module then delivers the pair of sheets onto a roller table which changes their direction by 90 degrees so that they can enter the Smart-binder one behind the other.

TUSDC-100 2-up sheet direction change system
TUSDC-100 2-up sheet direction change system

The maximum web speed to ensure reliable direction change is approximately 60 meters/min (197 ft/min), which results in approximately 375 four-page sheets/min (1,500 pages/min). Paper stock weight must be at least 70 gsm for reliable direction change.