IBIS Perfect-binding options - Three knife book trimmer TR-30S

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The book trimmer TR-30S may be used In-line or Off-line with IBIS perfect binders. The trimmer may be hand fed, or fed directly from a conveyor connected to a perfect binder.

Heavy Duty construction: Very heavy duty design and build -- for 7 x 24 hr continuous operation

Automatic adjustment: Allows for book thickness to constantly change from book to book (automatic on-the-run adjustment). No parts need to be changed and knives do not need to be moved when changing book size.

Speed: Up to 600 trim cycles/hour (1200 books/hour when trimmed in piles of three books)

Book quality: High quality 3-side trimmed finished books

Video: View a video of the TR-30S in operation HERE

TR-30S: Other technical data:

Min book size Untrimmed (A x B) 155 x 105mm
Min book size Trimmed (A x B) 150 x 100 mm
Max book size Untrimmed (A x B) 365 x 325 mm
Max book size Trimmed (A x B) 350 x 320 mm
Min book thickness C 3 mm
Max book thickness C 60 mm
Weight   3000 kg
Electric Power   12 Kw - 30A 400 V + N + T
Air Connection   6 Bar