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Hovmand Pile Loader HPL-100

Note: This option has not yet been released. Its availability is subject to testing.

The Hovmand pile handler HPL-100 is a lifting trolley system which can pick up a large sheet pile (up to 380mm pile height), move it to the IBIS Smart-binder and place the pile on the lift table of the sheet feeder SB-095, SB-096 or SB-097. This reduces the Smart-binder stop-time by reducing the pile reload time.

The HPL-100 is an alternative to the PLT-100 loading trolley system (which cannot be used wth the SB-097).

Pile hold-
down bar
'Corrugated' pile
support tray
Lift forks (motor
driven up/down)

The HPL-100 is mounted on wheels so it can be easily moved around the factory. An integral battery-powered electric motor is used to raise and lower the forks.

A separate 'pile-support tray' allows the forks to be lowered and withdrawn when the pile is placed on the feeder lift table.

Sequence of operation:

  1. Sheets are built up into a pile (up to 380mm height) on the 'pile support tray'.
    Note: an optional stacking table ST-100 may be supplied to assist creation of this pile

  2. The HPL-100 forks engage with the support tray and lift the pile. The 'hold -own' bar may be used to prevent the pile being disturbed while being moved

  3. The pile is transported to the Smart-binder sheet feeder and placed on the feeder lift table. The HPL-100 is then removed and the pile is slid into the feed position

  4. When all the sheets have been fed into the Smart-binder the support tray is removed and the HPL-100 loads the next pile

    Note: multiple support trays may be provided

View a video of the Hovmand Pile Handler in operation HERE