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Wire stitch heads 43/6-S

SST-101 (or with clincher, wire guides & wire spools - SST-100)

43/6-S wire stitch heads may be used for booklets up to 7 - 8 mm thick

For 2-up booklet production using the trimmer center knife (and booklet thickness < 7mm) 43/6-S stitch heads may be used (instead of 52/8-S stitch heads).

A 43/6-S stitch head, with clincher, guides and wire spool is part number SST-100. For 2-up booklet production four stitch heads are required. The additional two stitch heads (with clinchers, wire guides and spools) are part number SST-100-2.

We recommend customers carry a spare stitch head (ie without clincher, guides, spool) for their Smart-binder, part number SST-101.

43/6-S wire stitch head

Technical Data

Parameter Standard Stitching
Crown width 12 mm
Min distance between staples 43 mm (center-line to center-line)
Max stitching thickness 6 mm
Max booklet thickness 7 - 8 mm
Wire diameter 0.4 - 0.6 mm (0.016 - 0.024")