Integrated Bindery Systems

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Other options Download HKS-100, WST-100 Data Sheet Flow chart showing all options

100kg floor mounted wire spools HKS-100

& handling trolley WST-100

To reduce the frequency of replacing wire spools, and to reduce wire ‘pulling’ force, it is recommended that 100 KG floor mounted wire spools are used instead of the standard 2.5 Kg machine-mounted spools.

Wire spool holder with brush
to resist wire unwinding
100kg wire spool (mounted on
floor behind Smart-binder)
100kg Floor Mounted Wire Spools HKS-100

The optional Wire Spool handling trolley is also offered for use with 100Kg wire spools in order to move the spools into position next to the Smart-binder stitcher.

Hydraulic lifting 'jack'
WST-100 loading trolley
100kg wire spool
Trolley wheels
Wire Spool Handling Trolley WST-100

The trolley includes a hydraulic jack to lift the spools. Wheels allow easy movement around the factory floor.