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Sheet pile loading trolley PLT-100

The pile loading trolley PLT-100 pile loading trolley for Smart-binder pile feeders (SB-095 or SB-096) provides a fast and simple way to load large piles of sheets into the off-line Smart-binder sheet-feeder. Please note: The PLT-100 is not suitable for use with the combined inline and off-line operation pile feeder SB-097.

The PLT-100 trolley system reduces the pile reload time from about 2 minutes to about 35 secs and thereby increases the overall Smart-binder running efficiency by about 10%.

Smart-binder sheet
pile feeder (modified to
accept loading trolley)
Loading trolley PLT-100 with a pile of
printed sheets. The trolley includes
adjustable side guides for pile stablity
while being moved
Pile feeder includes rubber
guide wheels guide the trolley
accurately into position and a
quick 'latching' system to hold
it securely
Wheels for easy trolley movement
Trolley used to transport sheets to the pile feeder
Trolley handle is easily removed
after location in the pile feeder
Trolley now becomes the sheet
'pile lift table' and rises
automatically as sheets are fed
from the top of the pile
Sheet Pile Loading Trolley PLT-100

It is recommended that at least two loading trolleys are used per Smart-binder. Trolley #2 can be loaded with the next pile of printed sheets while Trolley #1 is engaged with the feeder and feeding sheets into the Smart-binder. If Trolley #2 is already loaded with the next sheet pile, this reduces the Smart-binder reload time to about 35 seconds.

Retro-fit of the PLT-100 pile loading trolley in the field is difficult, requiring modifications to the pile feeder. Please refer to IBIS.