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August 2015
IBIS re-manufactured Smart-binders

Here at IBIS we not only manufacture ‘brand new’ Smart-binders, but we also take pre-owned machines (such as ‘end of lease’ machines) and put these through our IBIS re-manufacturing program. The Smart-binder is very robust and ideally suited to extended operation, so a re-manufactured machine has made an ideal purchase for some of our customers in the past.

The pre-owned Smart-binder is stripped down at our IBIS UK factory and rebuilt from the ground up using new parts to replace any components showing any wear, and those known to be prone to wear after extended use. All the latest performance upgrades are fitted so that the end result is a machine which is looks and performs like a brand new machine. The machine is thoroughly tested before shipment to a new customer and offered with the normal IBIS 12-month parts replacement warranty.

The price of a factory-re-manufactured Smart-binder is approximately 20-25% lower than a brand new Smart-binder.

There is always a high demand for these lower priced re-manufactured machines so they tend to be sold quickly as soon as one becomes available.

Please do contact me if you would like to discuss whether a re-manufactured IBIS smart-binder may meet your production needs.

John Cracknell, Managing Director
IBIS Bindery Systems UK