Customer Feedback

IBIS have installed over 160 book finishing solutions at over 100 customers at locations all around the world. Many of these customers have chosen, after a period of time, to purchase additional IBIS systems.
Here are a small selection of our customer endorsements:

Lellyett and Rogers, Nashville, TN USA

IBIS has been extremely helpful and professional in creating this special new system (three separate sheet feeders) to meet our needs.

Jeff Simmonds

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John Cracknell and Jeff Simmonds
Lellyett and Rogers


R+V Insurance, Wiesbaden, Germany

The original IBIS system had been working extremely well for seven years, so we knew we were taking no risk with a further investment in this world-leading technology, which also interfaces effectively with other machinery.

Christoph Hees

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Mr Hees and the IBIS Smart-binder
Mr Hees, R+V Insurance, Germany


Altron Document Solutions, South Africa

... For high volume, mission critical, time-bound applications we never look further than the IBIS Smart-binder.

James Kelly, Head of Sales. April 2021

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PrintLink, New Zealand

... The customer is very happy with all equipment in the print line and the line remains very productive.

Herbert Kieleithner, National Manager for Digital Web Press Technology, Canon. April 2021

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Fiserv, USA

The IBIS Smart-binder is a durable unit which we expect will give us many years of production usage and we look forward to installing our next IBIS Smart-binder as our needs grow in future.

Dan Aiken

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Sheet separator TUSDC-100 enables Smart-binder to produce A5 (or 5 1/2" x 8 1/2") booklets from 450mm (17 1/2" - 18") wide web using 4-page sheets


O'Neil Data Systems, Los Angeles

These machines proved to be solid performers and capable of operating at peak production rates over a long time periods....We are pleased to have become one of the largest users of IBIS Smart-binders in the USA.

Steve Ellithorpe

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SB at O'Neil Data systems
Smart-binder installed at O'Neil Data, Dallas USA


Esser printSolutions, GmbH, Karlsruhe, Germany

We have been pleased with the Smart-binder performance.

Mark Esser

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Marcus Esser, Esser PrintSolutions, Germany
Marcus Esser, Esser printSolutions


DST Output, Dagenham, London UK.

It has been performing excellently, especially when you consider we run around 50,000 books a week on it. The SB-3 has ticked all the boxes for us.

Steve Ware

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Stave Ware, DST Output, London
Steve Ware, DST Output


Farmers Insurance, Los Angeles, USA

During peak periods the three Smart-binders are used round the clock and their robust , heavy duty design lends itself well to our demanding performance requirements.

Herb Lamonda

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Smart-binder Plus HS, Farmers Insurance USA
Smart-binder 'Plus HS'


Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc. NY, USA

The fold quality is second-to-none because the Smart-binder individually folds each sheet, instead of folding 'groups' of sheets as our other stitchers do.... IBIS's 'patented' ISG cold glue binding... provides numerous benefits, in addition to helping the booklets lie even flatter and giving a stronger bind.... We will certainly look to IBIS when we require further finishing solutions in future.

Bill Gaddy

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Bill Gaddy, Broadridge Financial Solutions, USA
Bill Gaddy, Senior Director,
Broadridge Financial Solutions


Maqprint, France

The system runs very reliably and is a key component in enabling us to meet our customer’s requirements

Mr Philippe Sans

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Mr Phillipe Sans, Maqprint, France
Mr Phillipe Sans and the IBIS
Smart-binder at Maqprint


Liturgical Publications

IBIS also has a highly effective installation and training program that reduced our ramp up time.

Ken Shanovich

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Smart-binder at Liturgical Pulbications, US
One of three IBIS Smart-binder Plus HS VDP saddle stitchers cranking out LPi's church bulletins


John Patrick, USA

The Smart-binder is a heavy duty, fast saddle-stitcher which allows for frequent changes in booklet pagination...

John Hartmann

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John Hartmann, CEO John Patrick Publishing, USA
John Hartmann, CEO
John Patrick Publishing


AMF Impresion Variable S, Chile

The Smart-binder is a very heavy-duty and reliable system that is already performing well for us.

Rodrigo Santelices

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Rodrigo Santelices, AMF Impresion Variable S, Chile
Rodrigo Santelices and the Smart-binder at AMF


Colourtech Printing, Bapsfontein, South Africa

All in all the IBIS is a very good machine, usually the more you give it the better it performs in terms of running thousands of books through it 24 hours a day without a hitch.

Mrs. Sonja Groenewald, CEO &
Ettiene Groenewald, Head of Department, Inkjet Printings:

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Colourtech Management and representatives from Ipex Machinery


Canon New Zealand Ltd

Canon New Zealand Ltd have had an IBIS service contract for the last two years.

...we have received excellent support and communication from IBIS for service and spare parts...We have also received exemplary support and feedback from analysing log files for us to improve the customer experience regarding operating the Smart-binder.

Peter Brown, Customer Service

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