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October 2015
When you need a customized solution, IBIS is there!

Our customers often require a solution to meet their specific book finishing needs. Many of the IBIS Smart-binders that we supply are therefore especially modified, or include additional special features, to give maximum customer benefit.

We are also often asked to provide complete finishing ‘systems’. To do this we research machine modules available from recognised international manufacturers that can provide additional functions. We evaluate the best modules for the specific customer application, purchase these modules and interface them together. The complete customized ‘system’ is fully tested at IBIS UK before installation at our customer site.

We have become experts in translating our customer’s book finishing needs into innovative solutions and we are committed to providing you with the optimum finishing solution, tailored exactly to your needs.

Here are some Case Study examples of actual IBIS ‘custom’ projects:

New Design Modules: Case study example 1 (for New Zealand)

A printer in New Zealand needed to add a center insert as well as an outer cover to saddle-bound exam papers. These had to be produced in-line with a high speed web printer but also off-line from a sheet pile feeder. IBIS delivered a solution which included a number of special new options. A new-design sheet pile feeder SB-097 allows easy off-line operation, in addition running in-line with the web printer. This feeder includes a ‘bridge conveyor’ to transport sheets over the feeder when running in-line from the printer. A cover feeder is fitted and an additional feeder is also provided to place an insert sheet in the center of the booklet. Gaps in the sheet stream are automatically created by a new SBS-100 sheet buffer module, into which the center-inserts are fed. The system produces sets of personalized exam paper documents which are polythene wrapped for security reasons.

Customized Solution: Case study example 2 (for Italy)

A customer in Italy required a system to produce both saddle-stitched booklets and perfect bound books with automatic switching between the two types of book. We provided a new design sheet divert module to either direct sheets to the Saddle-binder or to the Perfect binder. This is done on-the-run under automatic bar-code control. The system included a customized conveyor system perfect binding and book trimming.

Customized Solution: Case Study example 3 (for USA)

This USA customer needed to produce perfect bound books in-line with a cut-sheet printer and required automatic changes between different book format sizes. This was achieved firstly by automatically switching ‘on’ or ‘off’ the sheet rotator and the second folder. Signatures are collected automatically and fed into the binder clamp. Books are trimmed to required final size by the book trimmer (variable trim-off).

When we supply modules from other manufacturers we take responsibility for installing the complete system at the customer site and provide training for all modules, as well as commissioning and post installation support.

If you require a customized solution for digital print finishing then we look forward to hearing from you (+44 1494 561950 or

John Cracknell, Managing Director
IBIS Bindery Systems UK