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January 2015

IBIS Smart-binder

delivers optimum
book quality

One of the reasons our customers choose the IBIS Smart-binder to produce digitally printed booklets is booklet quality

The Smart-binder process ensures high quality books in the following ways:


Fold quality

For saddle-stitched booklets, in particular thicker booklets and those that are to be inserted into envelopes, it is important that the booklet lays as flat as possible.

The IBIS Smart-binder folds each sheet individually and then collects booklets on the saddle. When wire-stitching this results in flatter booklets than other wire-stitched systems (that collect sheets first prior to folding which reduces the fold quality). IBIS’s unique ISG cold-glue binding system (a higher-quality alternative to conventional wire stapling) produces even ‘flatter’ booklets.

Bind quality

The bind strength of a saddle-stitched booklet is measured by how easily the inner and outer sheet can be removed, which if wire stitching is ‘relatively easily’! In comparison IBIS's unique and patented ISG cold glue system gives a much higher bind strength on the center and outside sheets.

Bind quality must also be maintained as the book thickness constantly changes. IBIS’s ISG cold-glue process is ideal in this situation because the bind quality is always the same whether the book contains just 2 folded sheets or 50 folded sheets. Conventional machines using wire-stitching give an over-tight stitch on thick books and loose a stitch on thin books, unless the system is stopped for manual adjustment. IBIS's optional new ASA-100 'dynamic' stitching system automatically regulates each staple to perfectly suit the varying thickness of each book and ensure perfect stitch quality.

Trim quality

The IBIS Smart-binder 3-knife trimmer provides a high quality finish. Uniquely the IBIS trimmer is able to process books with a constantly varying thickness while maintaining a perfect edge trim. Other types of trimmers must be stopped for belt pressure adjustment when book thickness changes and trim quality may be compromised if adjustments are not made. The IBIS Smart-binder includes a patented option for reducing the tearing of the spine at each corner which is caused by the side trim. This is not available on other trimming systems.


The Smart-binder finishing process is designed to avoid marking or damage to sensitive, digitally-printed paper stocks. By avoiding over-running trimmer transport belts, as used on other systems, the Smart-binder avoids any risk of belts marking the books in the trimmer.

As a result of these advantages and our high-build quality, you can be sure that the IBIS Smart-binder will produce the optimum finished book quality.



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John Cracknell, Managing Director
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