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Feb 2016

IBIS High Volume Exam Paper Production


An IBIS customer with four high speed digital web ink-jet printers is consistently printing 3.6 million A4 impressions (pages) daily and processing these printed sheets into stitched and trimmed 'exam booklets' using in-line IBIS Smart-binder SB-2 'Plus HS' systems.

Each Smart-binder is producing over one million high quality exam booklets each month, so using four lines this customer is producing over four million exam booklets a month.

Booklet integrity is critical for this exam paper application, since all delivered documents must be 100% complete and correct. The Smart-binder achieves this through bar code identification of each printed sheet, tracking of each booklet through to the delivery and auto-rejection of any incorrect booklets (or booklets which may be incorrect).

To keep up with the high volume of booklets produced, each line is fitted with a compensating counter-stacker to delivery booklets in stable piles up to 330mm high. Completed exam papers then have the spines removed so that the sheets can be automatically scanned and 'marked'.

Exam paper production has become one of the most common applications for the IBIS Smart-binder, with installations of this type in all corners of the world.


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