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March 2017

IBIS at Hunkeler Innovationdays 2017

We exhibited our flagship Smart-binder SB-3 ‘Plus HS’ at the 2017 Hunkeler Innovationdays show (HID) last month, in-line with Domino’s K630i ink jet press and a Hunkeler web cutter and plow-folder.

The Smart-binder system included a SB-097 sheet pile feeder, (which allows operation either in-line with a digital press/roll unwinder or off-line with its integral sheet feeder), a cover feeder and a new-design cover ‘Autoloader’. The new Autoloader increases the maximum cover pile height from 20 to 200mm and maintains the cover feeder tray at the optimum pile height.

Also on display was the new IBIS Smart-Data Analysis System (SAS-100), showing an analysis of all Smart-binder production data.

During the 4-day show the Smart-binder SB-3 ‘Plus’ HS produced large numbers of high quality finished booklets with constantly varying thickness, both in-line with the Domino printer (max web speed 150m/min) and also off-line from the SB-097 sheet pile feeder.


The SB-3 is capable of either wire stitching or ISG cold glue binding. Because of the high level of interest in the unique and patented ISG cold gluing, we chose at HID to produce most books ‘cold glue-bound’ instead of stapled. A video of the Smart-binder running at HID from the SB-097 sheet pile feeder feeding sheets at 400 sheets/min can be seen HERE.

As usual a large number of visitors visited us at HID, both end-users and sales agent from all corners of the world. If you were one of these visitors and have any further questions for us then please let us know.


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