Integrated Bindery Systems

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Automated stop stitch SDI-100

A stitcher wire draw inhibit system is available to allow the stapling operation to be automatically stopped on demand. . It may be activated automatically under bar code control or manually from a switch on the outside of the machine. When activated a pneumatic cylinder moves a bar which rotates the wire draw inhibit arms on each stitch head.

Stop switch actuator bar (moves up/down)
Stitch head wire draw inhit arms
Pneumatic cylinder
(stop switch)
Stitch heads, modified for auto wire inhibit actuation
Auto stop switch SDI-100

The benefits of the optional stop-stitch system are:

  1. It allows wire stitching to be automatically inhibited when not needed (i.e. when making a 4-page booklet, or an ISG cold glue bound booklet)
  2. It allows the stitching process to be automatically stopped when running books out of the machine at the end of a job . This avoids having to open the machine guard to manually deactivate the wire drive on each stitch head.