Cover matching bar code reader BCR-105

Some production jobs require a separately fed cover which contains personalized data (such as an individual name and address) which must 'match' the data printed on the inside sheets.

The optional BCR-105 cover matching system, uses a code reader fitted in the Smart-binder cover feeder. As each cover is fed from the bottom of the pile the code reader reads a numerical MS-3 (1D) bar code printed on the outside of the cover. This numerical code contains an ID number which is unique to that particular cover.

The inside sheets arriving from the web cutter (or sheet pile feeder) are also coded. These sheet codes also contain an ID number which is unique for each booklet. A separate reader BCR-104 mounted on the Smart-binder infeed (or in the sheet pile feeder) reads these inside sheet ID numbers.

If cover and inside sheet IDs match the cover is folded and placed on top of the collated set of inside sheets to form a complete and correct booklet with 'matching' cover.

If the cover and inside sheet IDs differ the Smart-binder stops and the control screen indicates a cover 'mismatch'. The operator must regain correct cover sequencing before the machine is restarted.

The cover matching system may be added to all existing or new Smart-binders that have a cover feeder fitted.

As an alternative to the BCR-105 cover matching system, covers may contain a 'cut-out window' which allows personalized details printed on the first page of the inside sheets to be visible from the outside of the book.

A special extra guide is available to allow the covers with cut-out windows to feed reliably from the cover feeder.