Spine squarer module ARSD-S-100


The ARSD-S-100 spine squarer module may be integrated into the Smart-binder delivery in order to press the booklet spine into a square shape using high pressure clamps.

V Shape spine
Booklets enter from
IBIS Smart-binder
Square shape spine
(note: original center-fold
line remains visible)
Finished booklets are delivered
to the optional collection bin,
shingling conveyor belt MS-45 DC
or in-line stacker BSS-10
ARSD-S-100 spine squarer

View a video of the ARSD-S-100 in operation

The finished 'squared' booklets are then delivered into a simple collection bin BCB-100 or onto an optional 1.2m long horizontal delivery conveyor MS-45 DC, or directly into the booklet stacker BSS-10.

The ARSD-S-100 may be supplied with manual or automatic adjustment for changes in booklet thickness.

Note: the ARSD-S-100 is twice as fast, much more robust and can handle a booklet of double the thickness, compared with the lower-cost spine squarer option SM-101.

Booklet collection bin

Technical specification:

Maximum speed: See 'Running Speeds' table below
Minimum booklet thickness 3 mm
Maximum booklet thickness 7 mm
Minimum size 210 mm spine length - 150 mm width
Maximum size 420 mm spine length - 330 mm width
High pressure air supply required 7 Bar
Electrical Power required 2 KW

ARSD-S-100 running speeds

Booklet Thickness Number of spine pressure cycles Max Speed (cycles/hr) WITHOUT automatic thickness adjustment Max speed (cycles/hr) WITH automatic thickness adjustment
From 1 to 3 mm 0 5,000 (no squaring 5,000 (no squaring)
From 3 to 4 mm 1 3,200 2,307
From 5 to 7 mm 2 1,978 1,651
From 8 to 10 mm 4 918 845