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Trimmer waste conveyor TWC-100/TWC-101

The preferred way to remove trimmed off paper strips from the Smart-binder is to connect to the customer's centralized vacuum waste extraction system (for which IBIS can provide a connection chute option TCC-100 with a circular outlet). However if this is not available then the optional TWC-100 or TWC-101 waste removal conveyor must be selected.

Trimmer waste
'strips being
delivered into
collection bin
Waste collection
bin (optional)
TWC-100 waste
removal conveyor
Waste removal conveyor TWC-100 connected to the Smart-binder trimmer

The waste conveyor delivers the paper strips at a height of 940mm (37”) into a collection bin which is normally customer-supplied. The recommended dimensions of this collection bin are approx L: 1000mm (39”) W: 750mm (29.5”) H 600mm (23.5”).

The TWC-101 (as shown below) is a larger '2-part' removal conveyor which delivers trimmer waste up to a high elevation into an 'industrial' waste collection bin with wheels (such as the Continental 1100 with 1100 liters capacity).

Trimmer waste paper
'strips'drop into the
collection bin
Large industrial
waste collection
bin (customer to
TWC-101 waste removal conveyor system (2-parts)
Waste Removal Conveyor TWC-101

This collection bin is to be supplied by the customer and is located next to the Smart-binder delivery conveyor. The maximum height of this collection bin ('wheelie-bin') is 1400 mm.

The TWC-101 is recommended over the TWC-100 for all high production applications, since the larger bin needs emptying less frequently. Use of the TWC-101 also slightly reduces the overall machine length compared with use of the TWC-100, because the collection bin is next to the book delivery conveyor .