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Smart-Data Analysis System SDA-100

The Smart-Data Analysis System SDA-100 displays detailed Smart-binder performance data in an easy-to-use format. It can be added to any IBIS Smart-binder and collects data from multiple Smart-binders and displays at one point. The system can also export data to enable users to create their own Excel reports.


Different production data reports available:
- Production output: shows sheets processed and booklets produced during each hour (see example below)
- Jobs: lists jobs run and booklets produced during each job
- Daily run times: shows when the machine was running
- Errors: shows which faults occurred
- Job Summary: shows duration and output for each job
- Reprint report: shows the IDs of rejected booklets

1/ Example of SDA 'Production Output' Report:

2/Example of SDA 'JOB' Report:

3/Example of SDA 'Run Times' Report:

4/Example of SDA 'Errors' Report:

Note: The above 'Errors' report example shows only 6 code errors. Additional code errors are available to view. The error report shows if there are any areas of the Smart-binder that are frequently causing machine stops and where remedial actions therefore need to be taken to reduce these particular type of stops.