Integrated Bindery Systems

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Sprint-binder dedicated Perfect Binders

Smart-binder detail large screens

Perfect Binders PB-600B and PB-1500W

The Sprint-binder PB-600B and PB-1500W systems are designed to be fed from a stream of sheets directly from a digital printer.

Optional in-line folding can reduce the sheet format size to the required finished book size, if needed. The sheets then enter a stacker where they are collected on top of each other to form book blocks. These book blocks are rotated to the vertical and delivered automatically into the clamp of the single-clamp Sprint-binder PB-600B or into the clamps of the 5-clamp Sprint-binder PB-1500W.

Optional in‑line book trimming is available after binding.

3‑knife trimmers

Product Summary

  • High quality perfect binding
  • Fed directly from a digital printer, sheet pile feeder or roll unwinder
  • Optional in-line folding
  • Optional in-line book trimming

Sprint-binder PB-600B

The Sprint-binder PB-600B system produces high quality books up to 60mm thick at speeds up to 400 books/hour in-line with a digital printer or web-cutter.

Perfect Binder PB-600B


Smart-binder SB-2 schematic

Sprint-binder PB-1500W

The Sprint-binder PB-1500W system produces high-quality books up to 70mm thick at speeds up to 1500 books/hour. It includes automated feed into the binder clamps from a web-cutter or from a book block feeder (click HERE to view configuration options

Sprint-Binder PB-1500W



3-Knife Trimmers

Three knife trimmer CMT-130

3-knife trimmer

All model sprint binders can be supplied together with an in-line (or off-line) 3-knife book trimmer (photo: CMT-130 in-line).

Various models are:

Refer to IBIS for detailed specifications.