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Sheet pile feeder for dedicated off-line operation SB-095

The direct-connected pile feeder SB-095 is available to allow Smart-binder dedicated off-line operation and is used to feed all 'off-line' Smart-binders.

Sheet feed into
Smart-binder infeed
Sheet stack
Rear edge
vacuum separator
Pile lift table
Sheet pile feeder SB-095

The feeder may be loaded with piles of pre-collated sheets and optional loading trolley options PLT-100 and HPL-100 are available to assist loading The maximum pile height is approx 550mm (21.65") but actual pile heights depends on a number of factors including the amount of toner used (the top sheet must remain relatively flat).

The feeder must be stopped to reload the pile. Allow about 5 mins to reload without using the optional loading trolley, or approx ½ min if using the loading trolley PLT-100. Each sheet should have a bar code printed on the edge.

Sheet feed rates up to approx 400 sheets/min may be achieved. However high sheet feed rates are dependent on:

  • The top of each feeder pile must be flat and level within 10mm (no excessive toner, ink or NCR build-up on any part of the sheet)
    Note: This may reduce the maximum pile height in the feeder as smaller piles may have to be used to keep the top flat

  • The sheets in each pile feeder must all be the same size and to ensure reliable feed the trailing edge of the sheets in the pile must be registered together within 0.5mm variation

  • The sheets and covers must be free of static charge (steps must be taken to reduce static charge applied in the upstream printing equipment)

  • The sheets must not have been processed in a way that causes them to stick together

  • The machine operator must have paper handling experience and must have received training form IBIS in the operation of the sheet feeder

Sheet stock weights in the pile may vary by up to a factor of about 'two'. This mean for example that the pile may contain 160gsm covers mixed in with 80 gsm 'content' sheets. Greater stock weight variations may be possible but require testing to establish feed reliability.